Dermarolling Facial

From clearing acne scars to banishing bags, meet the does-it-all tool you should be using on your skin.

Dermarolling, microneedling, facial resurfacing… whatever you call it, chances are the celebrities on your insta-feeds are getting it. The new ‘it’ facial of the moment, promises to reduce acne-scars, wrinkles, pigmentation and even dark circles.

How Dermarolling Works

The skin is cleansed, and numbing cream can be applied. Then, either using a resurfacing machine, handheld dermaroller or pen device, tiny needles are used to make a controlled ‘injury’ on the skin surface which in turn, jumpstarts the bodies own natural repair system.

This stimulates the skin into repairing itself by increasing the blood flow, collagen and elastin production to the area.

After just one treatment the skin is brighter, plumper and more radiant; and with ongoing treatments, scarring, pigmentation and even stretch marks can be targeted.

Does Dermarolling Hurt?

Slightly but after just one treatment, pores were visibly smaller, wrinkles were really reduced (especially loves angry frown lines!) and acne Plus each time you have a treatment you will see improvement.

Can Dermarolling Reduce My Under Eye Bags?

By stimulating collagen production, dermarolling will help to gradually thicken the under eye area, helping to improve the appearance of dark circles, crepey skin and smooth lines & wrinkles. If that’s not something to shout about, we don’t know what is!

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