Sienna Spray Tan

What to expect when you enter the spray tanning booth:

If you are new to spray tanning, it can be daunting stepping into the tanning booth for the first time – so here's our quick guide to the spray tanning process.

Our Sienna X spray tanning therapist will ensure that you are completely at ease and will talk you through all the steps. Your spray tanning treatment is your time to unwind and be thoroughly pampered by the beauty professionals.

Before treatment:

You will need to exfoliate your skin and undertake any hair removal at east 24 hours in advance and have clean, dry skin on arrival. This is to ensure you have a flawless base and remove any oils or residue that reduce the effectiveness of the tanning solution and its development.

Specially formulated Sienna X Barrier Cream will be applied to dry areas such as hands, elbows and knees as these areas tend to absorb slightly more tanning solution as they are prone to dryness. Applying barrier cream adds moisture to the skin and keeps the overall colour of the tan even.

During treatment:

The spray tanning gun will be held around 12″ away from the body and the tan will be applied in slow and even strokes, creating a fine mist that will settle on the skin. The mist will give you a gentle cooling sensation on the skin – this is incredibly relaxing!

You will stand in the spray tanning booth with your legs slightly parted and your arms relaxed away from your sides. You will then be asked to turn to face the therapist side on and to repeat this on both sides – you will need to bring your leg forward in order to tan the inside leg. The back, arms and hands will be tanned as well as the face. You will need to close your eyes and hold your breath just for a moment, but this is quick and comfortable.

The whole process takes less than ten minutes to complete.

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