Whether you're after a leg wax, underarms or a hollywood, waxing is the best, relatively painless semi-permanent hair removal method leaving you hair free for up to 4 weeks! So put down the razor, say goodbye to stubble and ingrown hair and embrace the smooth feeling of freshly waxed skin!

To wax, or not to wax - that is the question. Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer briefly in the quest for long lasting smooth skin….or to take to razor daily and live with stubble. Shakespeare probably wasn’t into waxing but the age old questions remain as to whether the results of waxing are worth the cost and effort and where Doing It Yourself is feasible. Having finer, softer and lighter coloured hair and smoother skin which remains hair-free for 3 to 4 weeks are clear benefits. And with regular treatments hair reduction can be long-term, even permanent removal. That said there can be a degree of discomfort in more sensitive areas or during your first treatment. And you do have to wait for hair to grow back so it’s long enough to be removed again. Not everybody can be this patient and some wax only before holidays or special occasions. Attempting it at home involves melting the wax in a microwave or hot water. If you don’t get the temperature just right you can end up stuck and bruised. Bravery to rip off the